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Leveraging Synergy across two platforms…

Sounds like a line from a certain “pointy-haired boss,” doesn’t it?

I use a MacBook Pro running OS X Leopard as my main system at the office. I have a secondary display connected to it and I use the built-in “Spaces” feature. My secondary system, a desktop, is running Ubuntu 8.10 workstation. For several months now, I have had two keyboards and mice to deal with. There had to be a way to share one keyboard and mouse between the two systems.

Enter the utility, Synergy.

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I’ve been in IT for over 25 years.  As a result, I drink way too much coffee, my eye occasionally twitches, and no I will not fix your computer.  I’m also a photographer, videographer, and an elder at my church.

Did I mention I like coffee?