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Jason Bourne

Last night, I took Becky and Dorie to see the new Jason Bourne movie.  We’ve always been fans of that series and Dorie wanted to see this over the other new releases that are out.  I think it was a good movie.

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Windows 7

Because my current employer has a select licensing agreement with Microsoft, the final version of Windows 7 became available to us a few weeks ago. Out of morbid curiosity, we downloaded and installed it on a couple of systems that we had been running Windows Vista on. It almost pains me to say this, but Windows 7 is a very nice operating system. It is everything that Vista should have been.

It is faster. After a short problem with a wireless driver, it is much more stable. (Did I mention that it is faster?) I’m also quite taken with the new task bar.

I’ll post more as I can, but my impression after about two weeks of use is that Windows 7 is the new Windows XP.

Church Ministry on the Web

Unless you want to spend the money to hire a professional developer, there just doesn’t seem to be a great solution out there for churches. Now, I understand that there are some good efforts going on. My problem with those is that I need to be able to hand off the daily maintenance of the site to a staff member or a ministry volunteer and the “good efforts” are still not very user friendly.

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